Cranes are a proven way to improve productivity, increase quality, and provide a safer work environment . ALLMAN INDUSTRY , as a leader expert of overhead crane ( bridge crane ), hoists , crane components and all the other lifting & material handling equipment ,  professionals with years of experience, dedicated to providing you with the safest and most cost effective lifting solutions to suit all industry applications. All the cranes are designed and manufactured strictly according to crane national standard and ISO9001 standard . Manufacturers obtains  Licenses of Special Equipment .  

ALLMAN INDUSTRY Crane Equipment include :

. Single Girder Overhead ( bridge ) Cranes
. Double Girder Overhead ( bridge) Cranes
. Under Running Cranes
. Jib Crane ( Wall Mounted Traveling Jib / Pillar Cranes )
. Wall Mounted Cranes
. Gantry Cranes ( Portal Cranes )
. Monorail Cranes
. Light KBK Cranes
. Crane Components ( end truck / end carriage , festoon power supply system , busbar system , electric control system , rails etc. )

ALLMAN INDUSTRY focus on top quality in product and excellent customer service. We are always pleased to talk with you about your mechanical lifting requirements . Please don't hesitate to contact us wherever and whenever you have demand in this field .