KBK crane system

ALLMAN INDUSTRY offers KBK light , capacity up to 2Ton. Being applicable to enterprises in various fields and various scales , the KBK light crane is used for space transportation of different materials . It especially fits for low plants and light plants , and site not suitable for overhead cranes .

ALLMAN INDUSTRY light crane including different models : single -rail light crane , single -girder suspension light crane , and double girder suspension crane . The single rail crane can be also made into straight rail , bent rail or other combined rail types .We supply you flexible crane solutions according to different workstation situation .

ALLMAN INDUSTRY KBK light cranes have many advanced features , all parts are very easy assembly and maintenance . Thus , the light crane can be assembled like building block and based on remodeling of plant . Rails of light cranes are different according to the distance between the lifted object and the point . With light weight , small friction between the pulley and rail as well as simple operation , the KBK light crane can be easily moved by hand , and able to quickly carry heavy cargoes . Meanwhile , this KBK light crane system have advantages of long service life , no failure and free of maintenance .