Manual Hoist

Manual operated hoists, chain falls, hand chain hoists, lever hoists provides industry with an inexpensive way to handle your product safely. Our ALLMAN INDUSTRY can help you find out the best suitable manual lifting equipment for site use .

Manual hoists are available in two styles : Manual Hand Chain Hoist and Lever Hoist .Both are the most economical hoist system available and are often used in maintenance, construction, public utilities , manufacturing and other material handling .However , each style has different models for customers choice .

Manual Hand chain hoists are mostly used for vertical lifting and use workers’ manual power for operation. Lever hoists are used effectively for pulling, lifting and positioning. Manual hoists may also be purchased with integral trolleys , plain trolleys or geared trolleys for material handling . With integral trolleys style for low headroom applications.

Hooks - Increase the opening of hook , suitable for more working conditions . The upper and lower hooks are made of high quality alloy materials,  forged and heat treated , won’t broken even when overloaded .
Housing - Use high strength design , impact -resistance, and protect the internal structures efficiently . The hand cover of manual chain hoist using special flanging process , not only increasing the strength,  but also ensure that no chain blocked and excessive noise are produced even when the load is tilted horizontally .
Gear - gear with the best tooth shape, use low alloy steel precision machining, by carburizing and other heat treatment process and final surface treatment, make the surface clear, hard, wear-resisting and anti-rust, make it durable.
Load Chain Wheel -  made of high quality alloy steel with precise transmission and high strength.
Brakes - double pawl brake, safety factor more than double .

Load Chain - High strength, grade 80 alloy steel load chain , higher grade G100 chain is optional .
Hand Chain for manual chain hoist -  galvanized finish for corrosion resistance .
Overload Limiter - additional overload limiter for manual hoist / manual chain hoist / lever hoist is optional as customer’s request .