Low headroom electric chain hoist

ALLMAN brand Low Headroom , based on classical type electric chain hoist ,  is designed to accommodate your specific needs when construction height is limited . Low Headroom electric chain hoist can take full use of lifting space , reduce the cost of construction building if customer consider our hoist when design . With same capacity hoist , Low Headroom hoist can lift cargoes much higher than regular type electric chain hoist .  

We offer a wide variety of hoists with a full range of capacities, lift speed, headroom/head heights, and special application hoists , with safety , unmatched durability , easy operation , efficiency .

Main features of Low Headroom electric chain hoist :
1) Capacity from 250kg to 10Ton .
2)Standard lifting height is 3 m , any higher lift is available as customer’s requirement .
3)Power supply from 220V to 690V, single voltage / dual voltage optional ,
control voltage 24V/36V/48V .
4)Protection grade : IP54
5)Working grade : M4
6)Single speed or dual speed optional.
7)Additional Remote control optional .
8)Additional Overload limiter optional .
9)OEM available .