European model electric chain hoist

ALLMAN European model , which is a brand -new hoist with compact structure and reliable performance . This new model electric chain hoists are designed and manufactured in strict compliance with FEM and DIN standard , meanwhile , it meet standards and industry codes of special equipment of Chinese crane industry . The modular design allows flexible product mix for different lifting tonnage , speed and working level to meet customers’ individual demands . The core driving components require no replacement within the safety utilization period ( 10 years) . Standard and personalized design improves operational performance while substantially reducing maintenance costs .

Main features of European model electric chain hoist :
1)High performance
2)Design built -in
3)Plug and play
4)Long service life
5)Economical and ergonomic
6)Comfortable operation
7)Easy maintenance

Main configuration of ALLMAN European electric chain hoist :
1)Brake : Electromagnetic disc brake is integrated at the end of lifting motor with the brake torque of 2 times of rating .
2)Electric connectors : Standard connectors of aluminum alloy are used as electrical interface , safe and convenient .
3)Lifting motor : Dual -speed motor with cylindrical rotor , reliable and low noise . Standard insulation class F , protection grade IP55 .
4)Chain Guide : Chain guide is divided as two parts . The upper part is made of engineering plastic and the lower of ductile iron .
5)Safety clutch : Safety clutch is integrated in the driving gear shaft , serving as an overload protection . Set and keep the torque 1.4times of safe load .
6)Rotating mechanism : Three stage gear device with tooth surface of each gear hardened and ground , smooth running , low noise .
7)Housing : Aluminum alloy shell , light weight , corrosion resistance and excellent heat dissipation .
8)Chain : High-strength carburized chain , zinc plated , safe and durable .
9)Hand switch : IP65 Protection grade ,  imported directly from Europe , made in France .