European wire rope hoist

ALLMAN brand European single girder / double girder Wire Rope Hoists are designed as C-type with compact structure , smooth operation and precise positioning. The high-efficient lifting motor imported from Germany can ensure the performance , safety and reliability of every hoist . Application of frequency control , braking energy feedback and security monitoring systems and other new technologies make ALLMAN wire rope hoist among the top of the industry all the time . Compared with old models and electric  chain hoist , ALLMAN ‘s European wire rope hoists have bellow advantages :

1.beautiful apprearance ,  with epoxy paint , much better for corrosion resistance .
2. hoist with housing , which protect the coiling block , rope guide , and wire rope , not be effected by the dust in air , then make hoist working much more time .
3. hoist motor with Aluminum alloy Shell , which make hoist light weight , easy for heat release .
4. hoist with heat protection , to strengthen the protection of motor .
5. electromagnetic brake , no need maintenance in service life , which reduce much cost for maintenance .
6. with small and more reasonable structure ,  it makes full use of lifting space , which may reduce much cost of factory construction and power usage .
7. with high configuration , its working grade reach M5 , even M6 if customer require it in particular working environment .
8. Schneider brand electrical components .
9. Overload protection included .
10. Lifting Height limiter included .
11. Yaskawa brand or Schneider Brand Inverter available .