Classical electric chain hoist

ALLMAN brand classical , is designed to accommodate your specific needs when choosing an electric chain hoist. Our goal is to bring you the most focused, relevant, and straight forward information related to electric chain hoists.

We offer a wide variety of hoists with a full range of capacities, lift speed, headroom/head heights, and special application hoists , with safety , unmatched durability , easy operation , efficiency .

Main features of classical electric chain hoist :
1) Capacity from 250kg to 50Ton .
2)Standard lifting height is 3 m , any higher lift is available as customer’s requirement .
3)Power supply from 220V to 690V, single voltage / dual voltage optional ,
control voltage 24V/36V/48V .
4)Protection grade : IP54
5)Working grade : M4
6)Single speed or dual speed optional.
7)Additional Remote control optional .
8)Additional Overload limiter optional .
9)OEM available.